Special issue on therapeutic antibodies for the journal Protein and Cell: “Magic Bullets” at the center stage of immune therapy

November 14, 2017

Dr. An organized an issue of the journal Protein and Cell as a “snapshot of the current state of therapeutic antibodies.” The issue opened with a comprehensive overview of current progress in innovative engineered antibodies by William Strohl Subsequently, the issue opens discussion on the spectrum of considerations relevant to the development of antibody therapeutics:

  • Pharmacokinetics are reviewed in an article by Liming Liu
  • Challenges associated with glycosylation engineering of therapeutic IgG antibodies are covered in a review by Yusuke Mimura
  • Kyoji Tsuchikama and Zhiqiang An present a review on recent advances in antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), antibodies conjugated with potent cytotoxic small molecules through chemical linkers
  • Antibody modulation of T-cells for cancer therapy is addressed in an article by Shuguang Tan and colleagues and an article by Philip D. Bardwell and colleagues
  • Xinhua Wang, Mary Mathieu, and Randall J. Brezski present a review on IgG Fc engineering
  • Ciming Kang and colleagues present original research on PK variation with FcRn binding in an antibody targeting a virus
  • Xin Wang and colleagues share a review of analytical tools for the molecular and functional characterization of antibody therapeutics
  • In a final article of the issue, Rudo Simeon and Zhilei Chen explore how in vitro-engineered non-antibody protein therapeutics can address issues with antibody therapies, including the high cost of their manufacture